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Are You Making the Most of Pumpkin Season?

By October 16, 2017No Comments

We’ve said “Sayonara” to summer and “Howdy” to fall.

People are starting to think cozy thoughts full of sweets, treats, and parties. But wait up. Before going straight to the winter holidays, let’s not forget the season of pumpkins, leaves, and candy. Here are three fun ways to use October to give back to your customers.

1.Decorate with Your Customers in Mind.

Nothing says fall like harvest-themed decorations and colors. Make your office a harvest haven. For decorations, anything with reds, oranges and yellows work best. Try branching out from pumpkins into wheat, fallen leaves, rustic farm tools like steel water pales and mason jars. Bare branches add a nice touch as well.

But most importantly, always decorate with your customers in mind. For example, if you have a lot of kids coming through, make sure the decorations are fun for children. If your customer base is more mature, go for a classier, homestead look and leave out Frankenstein.

2. Increase Your Lobby Snackage.

Offer fall snacks. Having a small bowl of candies or mints on the front desk is a nice way to welcome people to your store. However, fall begins the season of tasty warm treats and what better way to reflect that than in the kind of candy offered.

Try switching up the candy to something more fall-themed like chocolate or butterscotch. Candy corn is always great, but as fall also begins flu season, make sure you get the kind that is individually packaged for your candy bowl.

3. Offer Special Fall-Only Perks and Events.

Offer seasonal promotions, but don’t limit yourself to sales and coupons. Host costume contests, coloring contests, harvest parties for the kids. Offer seasonal products that will only be around for the month of October like special designs or colors. Look into whether your area has trick or treating hours for businesses. It’s a great opportunity not only to get to know your community better, but also to do some advertising in a fun way.

Autumn is celebration season, so do all you can to celebrate with everyone who makes all you do possible. Gratitude and positivity are contagious. You’ll be so busy having fun that you won’t realize how much your company and community are growing.


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