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How to “Goal” Your Dreams into Reality

By March 13, 2018No Comments

We love what we do here at the Printory and this last summer, we got to share that love with the kids in our community. In addition to talking about screen printing, we got to talk about business as a whole and the importance of both dreaming and setting goals.

So, how do you set effective goals? We’ve narrowed it down to three major types.

1.”This Week” Goals: Improve Your Craft

“This Week” goals are the things you will do today to achieve your dreams. They’re the simplest yet most important.

For example, say you want to become a professional painter, but you don’t really paint. Your “This Week” would simply be to paint more, perhaps a small painting every few days and post your favorite on Instagram every week.

2. “This Month” Goals: Plug Into Your Community

Okay, so you’re painting every few days and posting once a week. Great! Time for your goals to reach a little further.

What would you like to accomplish every month?  This level is great for marketing strategies. Keeping with the artist analogy, maybe one weekend a month you offer to draw what people suggest, whether for free or a small fee. Maybe you decide to submit a piece of art to a contest once a month or reach out to a fellow artist. Whatever it is, once a month, give an extra push to get yourself out there.

3. “This Year” Goals: Concrete Wish Fulfillment

Here’s where things start getting exciting. What do you want to accomplish this year that would take a year to accomplish? These are big goals, big steps towards big dreams.

If your dream is art, a goal like this might be to rent a table at a convention where not only will you meet tons of other artists, but you’ll also be able to show and sell your art to hundreds if not thousands of con-goers.

Other examples might be bringing out a new line of clothing, partnering with a new charity, or hiring more staff so you can be open on the weekends. Dream big and go for it.

Dreams and goals are like a frying pan and a spatula: you kind of need both to get anywhere. It’s important to encourage kids to dream big and give them the skills to make those dreams reality.


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