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The Print(st)oryThe Printory

The Print(st)ory Chapter 1: The Basement

By October 30, 2017No Comments

We at the Printory are truly blessed. We have been welcomed into the Hillsboro community, we get to do our part for the incredible refugees of Oregon, and while that would be enough, we even get to go to schools, farmers markets, and all over the place, sharing shirts and spreading positivity.

The Printory wasn’t always what it is today. We had humble beginnings. All of this started because an inspired college student liked to paint shirts for himself and his friends. And there was a barber shop in there somewhere too. Here’s where our Printstory began.

It always starts with a dream. No matter what you want to do, it has to start from there. This is the first chapter of a story we want to share with you all. Stay tuned next month for Chapter 2: Realize What Is Possible.

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