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Aloha High School Is Doing Something Mind-Blowing

By November 13, 2017No Comments

Aloha High School is raising the bar. They are helping their students succeed by helping them exceed their expectations. How, you ask? Through a college readiness program called AVID.

This video is a snippet of an interview we had with Ken Yarnell and Wendy Rider, the principal and assistant principal of Aloha High School. If you would like to watch the entire interview, please visit our youtube page.

AVID is a program implemented in schools across the world that helps inspire students to pursue college by making sure they’re ready for it. It helps them hone the academic skills that will help them in school and beyond, by developing crucial skills such as critical thinking, research, and writing.

What started in one classroom thirty-five years ago has now spread to forty-six states and sixteen other countries and territories.

AVID is about showing kids that they can and should want more, and then giving them the tools and training to make that a reality.

Ken says it best: “[The goal is to] inspire them to a higher level of academic performance by giving them support. Teaching them the skills they need, they could move kids from the middle to be going to college.”

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