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Introducing Allmade

By November 22, 2017No Comments

We at The Printory have been crazy about these guys for a long time and we are so stoked to get to bring you two together. Allmade does two unbelievable things on a regular basis: they fight for the orphans in Haiti, and they make shirts out of water bottles.

Allmade is a t-shirt company. They design and manufacture their own clothing. But here’s the kicker: their shirts are a tri-blend of organic, US grown cotton, modal from sustainably-harvested beech trees in Europe…and three recycled water bottles.

Yes, you heard that right. Water bottles. Allmade uses a polyester made entirely from recycled water bottles in their tees. You’d think making t-shirts out of water bottles would produce some odd looking shirts, but you’d be wrong. Allmade shirts are oozing with style.

Allmade works with Global Orphan Exchange (GOEX) in Haiti to keep families together by paying their employees five times the going rate for comparable jobs.

We will be going to Haiti soon, ourselves, to do what we can to help these guys out because we believe that, when you see good going on, you better dig in with both hands. In an industry that is known for being bad for the environment and worse for its employees, it feels amazing to be part of a brighter future.

Starting this January, The Printory will be offering Allmade tees as a better option for printing and embroidery. Plus, they will be the shirts of choice used for our Refutees. Get hyped, because we are!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out Allmade’s website.


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