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How to Start Your Business Year Off Right

By January 5, 2018No Comments

December finishes off with a literal “Bang,” and then January comes quietly forward.

We have a whole year ahead of us, full of plans and goals and an entire year to make them a reality. You may be tempted to think January is the time to sit back and take a breather, but don’t write off January just yet. While taking breaks is important, January is the best time to get your business ready for the coming year. Here are a few ways to do just that.


1.Start Spring Cleaning Early.

Have you been thinking about replacing those chairs? What about some new signs? Is your website up to date? Your shop, uniforms, equipment? January is a slow month for most businesses. Take this opportunity to do the things you never have time to get done.

Idea: It’s a new year! Come up with something new to roll out. Either a new deal or a new product. Keep your business moving forward.


2. Go Out for Coffee. A Lot.

It’s a good idea to create a sales goal for each year, but what about a networking goal? Networking is where most sales come from, so it just makes sense. How many new customers would you like to get? What new areas do you want to expand your business into? And then, what is the step-by-step process to make that happen? Don’t be nervous. Networking is just making friends intentionally, both online and in person. It’s going out to coffee with people and talking shop.

Idea: Social media networking is a large part of the networking game. If you’re having trouble knowing how to expand your networking, consider hiring someone part time time to manage your company’s internet presence. A good internet presence is priceless.

3. Spruce up your customer care plan.

Shout out to the cool guy on the left, Aaron with SEI! He’s working every day to make sure our youth have amazing after school programs.

Your customers are your lifeline. Without them, there’s no business. So make sure they know they’re special. How often are you in contact with your customers? Do you have a follow up system in place? What about thank you’s? Spread that positivity around and it will make its way back to you.

Idea: Set up calendar reminders to remind you to send your customers regular follow-up notes, such as a Thank You emails for recent sales, and little “Thinking About You” notes at least once every 6 months for all your customers. You get extra points if some of these “Thank You”s are physical thank you cards.

January is the month of inspiration and renewal. So while you reflect on what worked and didn’t work last year, take some new steps into 2018 to grow your business and yourself.


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