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Spread the Love

By February 12, 2018No Comments

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show a little extra love to those around you. Here are some great places you can spread the love around.

1) Your Family. Your parents, grandparents, uncles, sisters, children, godparents, foster parents…while no two families look the same, everyone’s got some form of it. Sometimes when we do life alongside people for a long time, we forget to show how much we appreciate them.

Take your parents out to dinner, help your daughter with her school project, watch your brother’s kids for the evening. Anything. Just show them you care.

2) Your Community. Inside your community, whether it’s your entire city or just your apartment complex, there are people who could use a friend. A great rule of thumb is that old saying that if you have two coats, you should give one to someone who needs it. If you have two hours of free time, spend one of them helping someone else. If you have a little extra cash at Starbucks, pick up two coffees and give one to the guy with the sign on the freeway that you pass every day.

Love is contagious and when you start putting it out there, it will start to spread and grow.

3) Your Planet. Speaking of growing, another great place you can show love is to this green ball we call home. There are a lot of big problems to fix, but start small.

It doesn’t take much to greatly improve the environmental health of your area. Pick up trash you find in front of your house. Fill your home with plants to filter the air. Put up hummingbird feeders. Set a bowl of water outside your store for local dogs.

The opportunities for love are endless. It doesn’t matter so much how you decide to show love, just that you make a point to do it. Anywhere and in any way, making the world a better place one small act of kindness at a time, now that’s a beautiful thing.


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