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The Print(st)ory Chapter 5: Keep It Moving

By February 27, 2018No Comments

Last month, we talked about the market hustle and how we found out what it was really like to move in the retail business. This month, the message is a bit somber, but still important.

Business was booming after that Saturday market. Hussein was printing tons of new stuff, tons of new designs. One of these new designs was one inspired by the NBA. It had the names of some famous ballers in the Blazer signature font.

Copyright law can be tricky and one day, a letter showed up from the NBA. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t a contract,” remembers Hussein, “It was a cease and desist letter. And that’s the type of letter you don’t want from anybody.”

He didn’t know what to do about it except stop printing those shirts and wait for it to go away. It didn’t. “This fine was so big that unfortunately I had to sell my entire shop. And that was one of the toughest days, times, of my life,” said Hussien.

It was hard to see everything he had worked for seemingly slip through his fingers. He was tempted to quit. But then his brother told him something that encouraged him not to give up: “You have to lift your head up, get back up, keep it moving.”

This may be the last chapter of this series, but it isn’t the last chapter of the story. We’re still moving forward, learning new things, meeting new people. We’re still growing, and we’re never going to stop. Don’t you, either. Good stuff is ahead.


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