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3 Ways to Rock at Social Media with Nesace Media

By April 10, 2018No Comments

The Print-Stories continue sitting with my good friend @nesacemedia who really helped me understand key things for my business and how to use social for good and to #spreadpeace I asked if he would sit with me and share some other ideas too! If you want to learn how you can be a bit more effective and direct with a simple plan, He can really help deliver for you. I hope you enjoy! I also tied my good friend @jonesmediashop to start helping me make things look better with his videography skills. He helped put together the intro and sliced and diced some video to bring you something useful. I find it always important to document the steps of my business journey to look back and reflect so that I can try to always improve. I try often with video because why not??#seekknowledgespreadpeace #printingwithpurpose #theprintory #refutees #printstory #allmade #tshirt #purpose #socialmedia

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(This video was created by the incredible Jones Media Shop. It has two parts, so make sure to click through to the second part!)

We are kicking off our new round of Print-Stories by¬† talking with our good friend Titonian Wallace Sr. from Nesace Media about the best way to use social media when you’re a business.

There are tons of social media platforms and ways to engage with your audience, so many that it can be hard to choose. Luckily, our super savvy friends at Nesace Media have shared the secret with us, so we are sharing it here with you.


You don’t have to share the same content across all your platforms, but as Titonian says, it “has to have the same feel.” That means using the same logos, colors, fonts, and lingo.

The easiest way to do this is to make your business true to yourself. That way, all you have to do is be yourself and your branding will shine through.



There are so many social media platforms out there, but that doesn’t mean the people who are going to love your stuff are going to be on all of them. “Don’t waste time where you don’t have to,” says Titonian. Find out where your people hang out on the internet, and go there.



“Lots of the time, companies are just thinking ‘sales, sales, sales!'” says Titonian, but ironically, thinking that way isn’t what’s going to get you those sales.

You’ve got to give your audience some insight they can use or art they can appreciate first, without expecting anything in return. Then, when it does come time to think about sales, you won’t have to look far because your audience is already there, wanting to support you.

Social media is great but it can be tricky for business, so we are so thankful we got to glean some of the wisdom from this man, and we hope you learned something valuable as well. If you’d like to find out more about Titonian and Nesace Media, check out their Instagram @nesacemedia.


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