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What Every Artist Needs to Hear

By April 18, 2018No Comments

What is it that keeps people from creating? Is it lack of time? Motivation? Resources? All three may be true, but probably the greatest reason is fear. Fear that you don’t have any good ideas, that what you create won’t be received well. That you’ll fail.

But, believe it or not, failure is the road to success.

Seth Godin, a writer, speaker, and expert on all things art and business, puts it this way in his audio production,Leap First: Creating Work That Matters: “The person who fails the most will win.” He goes on to explain that this is the case because if a person can fail over and over again, it means they have the skills and determination to stay in the game.

If you fail once and quit, that’s it. But if you fail, try again, fail again, and try again, failure is nothing more than part of the journey. And if you keep walking down that road long enough, eventually you will succeed.

In Leap First, Seth identifies two main goals when it comes to creating:

1 . Have bad ideas, and have tons of them. You won’t know which ideas are good and which are bad until the editing stage, so the first goal is to just keep coming up with ideas and not worrying if they’re good or bad.

2 . Ship it. Share your ideas. Hone them and put them out into the world for people to see. “Once you’ve got the best thing you have in the moment, you ship it,” says Seth. “You interact with the market and you engage and see what happens.”

It can be tough to put your art out there because there’s no guarantee that art you spent so long creating will be received well. But you have to keep putting it out anyway. Start small, keep at it, and your confidence and competence will grow.

There’s no perfect time or way to share your art, and you can’t plan away all the variables, so don’t worry about that. Leap first, and deal with everything else later.

You can buy Leap First on, and read more from Seth Godin on his blog. Definitely check him out.


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