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3 Ways Uniforms Grow Your Business

By January 8, 20182 Comments

You start a business. You’ve got the what – your vision – and the who – your awesome team. Everything’s ready to go and you’re all raring to get out there in the world and make a difference. But you notice that, even though you’re doing the same task together, you don’t look like a team and you have to keep explaining to passers by who you are, what company you’re with, and what you’re doing in the first place.

Maybe it’s time to think about some kind of uniform. But are uniforms really worth the hassle? Short answer: yes. Here’s why.

1. They Provide a Sense of Unity Within the Team.

Your team is a family, working hard for the same goal. And as such, you want something they can have to make them feel part of something bigger. Having a uniform is an easy way to do just that. The physical act of putting on a uniform helps get you in the zone to think team thoughts.

2. They Do Your Advertising for You.

When you have a distinguishable uniform, be it a t-shirt or something more elaborate,  people who see your team will automatically see your company first. Both your clients and onlookers will watch your team and associate their behavior directly with the company, itself. This is great, because it does your advertising for you. People you might never have reached out to now have heard about your company and seen it in action.

3. They Give You Instant Professionalism.

It’s like getting a custom made logo or having professional photos taken. Uniforms make your team and company look serious, competent, and polished. They show that you know the value of making an effort and that you aren’t afraid to go that extra mile to do things right. That impression is a valuable thing.

Uniforms won’t replace the value of a job well done, but they do give you a leg up in the sea of competition. To your clients, uniforms show you mean business. To your team, they show that you care about team dynamics and camaraderie. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Plus, they’re fun to design.

If you’re thinking about getting uniforms for your team, or even just updating old uniforms, screen printing studios are the way to go. Not only do they do the printing right there, but oftentimes they can even help you hone your design so you get the best uniforms for the best price. At The Printory, you can even do this online. Check out our design studio.

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