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The Print(st)oryThe Printory

The Print(st)ory Chapter 2: Realize What Is Possible

By December 5, 2017No Comments

Last month, we talked about our humble beginnings and the super unlikely starting point for this dream. Last week was the dream, this week is the culmination of little sparks of hard work and inspiration that eventually culminated in the Printory. It’s been an adventure. Always fun, but never easy. I mean, we started in the basement of a barbershop.

Just because you start a business doesn’t mean that you’ll have customers. Starting a business is easy. Getting customers is hard. And the key to finding customers isn’t what you would think it would be. There are only two ways to get a customer base: get your name out there and build strong relationships. It’s all about sharing your inspiration with others.

But you can’t do that until you have realized for yourself what’s possible. We call it “the barbershop experience.”

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