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Everyone Comes From Somewhere

By December 19, 2017No Comments

(Video by Catholic Charities of Oregon, 2017)

Have you ever visited a country that doesn’t speak your language? Ever tried to make a life in one?

Now imagine you found out that tonight, when you get home from work, you will have to pack as much as you could carry and leave your country, maybe for forever. Imagine trying to navigate the world of visas, housing and jobs in a country you don’t understand and can’t communicate in.

Here’s where Catholic Charities of Oregon comes in. Started in 1933 to, as they put it, “[partner]¬†with members of the community who are underserved,” their mission is to find those people who are struggling and help them find solutions so that they can live a happy and dignified life.

Had a great time with these folks at Refugee Adjustment Day.

One of these programs is for helping refugees and immigrants. Partnering with the nonprofit organization Immigration Legal Services (ILS), they provide legal consultation and representation for a cost that the most vulnerable among us can afford.

They work with incoming refugees and other immigrants to help them get all their paperwork in order so that they can live and work in the US. They do their best to cut a straight path through the winding road of bureaucracy so their clients don’t get tied up in complicated and nuanced legal regulations.

This is just one of the many things Catholic Charities does. Some of their other programs include: economic empowerment, family support, community building, and helping people find housing.

If you’ve got a moment, you should check out their website and give them some love.¬†They’ve got something for everyone, whether you need help or are looking to give it.


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