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The Print(st)ory Chapter 4: Market Hustle

By January 29, 2018No Comments

Last month, we talked about learning things the hard way along this journey. If you missed it, make sure to go back and check it out here.

Once back from India, things weren’t easy, but they were full of hope and purpose. Hussein had just finished a large job and invested that money into getting some new screen printing equipment.

“I was feeling good,” he recalls, “I had good energy, I knew what I was doing, and I knew what not to do.”

Now that he had more equipment, he needed a larger place to put it, so he rented the attic above a pet store. But even with a larger printing studio, jobs don’t just materialize. Hussein was still focused on the ongoing campaign of calling people and sharing his brand. Eventually, that campaign led to setting up a table at a local Saturday market.

Even though he wanted to attend, he simply didn’t have the funds to create that many shirts up front. But his brother believed in him and gave him five hundred dollars to spend on creating merchandise to sell at the market. “I was like, wow, now I have to,” remembers Hussein. “I have no excuses.”

Hussein didn’t know what to expect that Saturday morning. They had sunk so much money into just being able to be there with merchandise. What if nobody bought anything?

Turns out there was nothing to fear. They sold so much that they didn’t even have enough products left to come back on Sunday.

That time at the Saturday market taught Hussein two things: first, it taught him about the retail world. Second, it taught him the importance of leaning on those around you.

“Be sure to have those people help you,” he says. “Ask for help. Seek those people that really want to support you… You can’t be a one-man army.”

Tune in next month for the final installment of The Print(st)ory Saga!


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