When you choose The Printory, you become a part of giving back. Every customer. Every time.


Refutees is the Printory’s mission of giving back to the local refugee community. When you choose the Printory, you become part of giving back. Every customer, every time. Our goal is fill a box with quality garments every month to donate to local refugees in our community through our partnership with IRCO ( Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization). Our goal is to educate people about the refugee crises in the Middle East and take action for those who are effected.


Every month we are offering a different design on a Refutee-shirt. When you purchase one shirt another will be donated to the Refutee Box and will help us reach our goal of 100 shirts per month for refugees in need.

You can also subscribe to the monthly Refutee-shirt and receive a fresh shirt in the mail every month.

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